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Creating my little nursery

It’s been a while. I was roused from this cruel summer lethargy to actually bring myself to write again because of some visitors to my blog appreciating the little efforts of this hesitant weekend farmer. Okay, okay, I need to update ..update.
You’ll be glad to know my silence is not at all unproductive. The past months brought me to certain horticultural shows in the city that inspired me to propagate in my own makeshift nursery.I am talking about the annual horticultural show held in Quezon Memorial Circle.After looking at the nice showcases of plants in the show, I was compelled to buy a start up collection of tropical plants,succulents and indigenous flowers like ylang ylang.
I was excited to bring and start right away.I was told some plants have different propagation techniques. One is through cutting , another is thru division, and still some others need marcotting.The potting medium must not be entirely soil, you need to mix it with ipa(rice hull) or coconut husks scraps.All of these techniques are best explored if you will create a netted plant nursery with a bit of sun filtering it.You will never know the benefits of your little experiments until you set out to do it.

Staghorn fern is so expensive. Vendors fetch 2500 Php for a full grown staghorn like the one in the picture.