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Live Simply vs. Simply Live

The beginning month rolls by ,uncaring whether or not I join in the mad rush to be productive or to be left behind.I decided I will take my time. This contemplative stance is doing me good though. I usually fill this month with the usual suspects- goals to achieve of which the central focus is myself- career, well-being , physical fitness, security. Not this time. I wanted to stand in this precipice , as if I am just a spectator , able to observe what my surrounding is up to , and living in the knowledge that it is in my power really to weigh my options. Do I really have to do what I supposed I need to do , and do I have to do it now? Do I need to be conditioned that I need to be buying all the stuff I supposed my family need to survive? Do I have to work really hard to achieve the sort of happiness I expect to get? I am led to postpone any screaming concern that needs my attention for now. It’s good to ponder . It exercises my God-given ability to rest my ambivalent mind , and receive the gift of silence for once.


Eyeing the papaya already.One was felled by strong winds.


Enjoying my daily inspection of veggies in my little untamed patch.


Air-drying Italian oregano for an idea of making an infused oregano oil.


Early morning gardening. What a surprise to see my bitter gourd finally fruiting.


And as I sit joyfully , doing nothing ..all sort of inspirations are visiting me like ripples in succession. For once , there is no to-do list , no time frame. I am just led to sow seeds, plant , prune, gather dead leaves..and naturally , the empowered self seems to show itself. I begin to see this unhurried self doing a lot more.

I hope to be doing this more often . To commit to be mesmerized by the quiet persuasuions of nature. Living. simply .

A good year that was


While my daughter Bella helps me with the mulching , I go about transplanting the okra.

I decided to chronicle my accomplishments as a novice farmer of 2015 not to boast but to boost my morale into moving forward. My love affair with the soil came in so slowly..but when it finally warmed up..Oh boy.. it’s unstoppable within me. Like a good read it keeps me in suspense. And like some comfort food , keeps me wanting to always go back to it to balance my rhythm. January was when the time I made a pact with myself to start sowing seeds and start baby steps in living sustainably.I ate everything along the way to help me in my quest for a natural brand of farming. I was led to attend 3 major seminars that shaped the way I farm now. Natural Building , Intensive Beekeeping and Natural Farming. All of which only made my thirst for knowledge become severe that I decided to make my own backyard my lab to experiment with plants , seed saving and soil-buiding.I made quite a lot of progress and quite a couple of mistakes too that enriched my experience even more..


Frehly harvested ginger. I sowed them eight months ago.


Native pigs are my newest addition to my farm. They eat taro leaves and banana trunks that thrive in the farm.


Every week , I formed this habit to sow seeds. This actually paid off..for this allows a steady supply of harvest every season .Plus,you get to hone your green thumbs.


I grow these kind of chillies called panigang( finger peppers) and the siling labuyo; combination of which become naturally processed hot sauce.


When I have ample supply , my husband and I process and bottle to sell.


A sampling of a variety of harvest on a weekly basis.



Natural Farming in Japan

Today, I happily stumbled a wonderful farming site that speaks to me like I was reading a personal journal rather than just about tilling the soil and harvesting veggies.More like an affirmation why I am doing what I am doing. Silly , but it’s true.The japanese blog is written also in English and it will be good for you to check it out too.. I am amazed at the dexterity of Sacchan’s writing as she pours out her insights about her scintillating past ( born and educated in tokyo, stayed for 5 years in Melbourne, and again six years in London , and back to her country to farm ),a gem of a blog indeed.I was instantly mesmerized by Sacchan’s tales of her childhood and her magnanimous philosophy in life and in farming , that it’s best to be on the giving end always.Always being ready to share with neighboring farmers: may it be harvest or fences or knowledge .

The author Sacchan planting rice and getting fascinated with mud.

As I consider this little parcel of land that I have, I think about the many aspirations I wish I had the time now to do.Like putting up a camp site, an ornamental nursery and a thriving sustainable farm able to supply not only to my needs but to a larger community.
I know it’s just a matter of time.
Last week, in the long weekend that everybody enjoyed. I saw the beauty of kindred spirit just enjoying the simplicity of what the farm has to offer.And I get so inspired looking at the pictures.

The Pacific kick- off ride had a pose in front of the Kirilaw Mountains.

The bikes "pastured " in the grassland.