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Enter the hottest summer

Hello fellow gardeners! How is your garden doing/ In my part of the world, it’s the hottest summer. Not only are we used to the heat and humidity of it , the plants also bring out their survival instincts and learn how to cope. I feel so frustrated for the sad plants who begin to show discomfort in their yellowing of leaves and totally give up altogether.

Now , this piece is about the survivors , the ones who thrive despite this challenge, in fact, they are majestic competing with the radiance of the sun.

For my veggies, only the mustard , pechay , and  cilantro are showing resilience. I examined the soil..it’s parched. IMG_0559But these plants win hands down, with some watering, they don’t need so much care and attention. I can’t wait to turn the mustard into my favorite achara.I learned the recipe from our neighbor. Just chop the mustard , mash with rock salt , blend with chopped garlic and a little vinegar, you may or may not put in a little sugar, place inside a bottle , and toss in the ref . That is already preserved! Oh ! You must try this ! Perfect to go with  grill/fried fish or as an appetizer, kimchi style!

So I digress. For the fruit trees,these are the winners this summer: my ever reliable papaya , that I planted from seed is giving me so much joy. It’s big and tasty, and doesn’t seem to end fruiting still. If you want a no- hassle fruit to plant, I recommend papaya. My 5 mangoes that I planted some five years back are starting to flower and some are showing small fruits already. The Bananas that we planted last rainy season, its giving us pleasure this March.

The ornamental that are enjoying the sun: are anthuriums, bougainvilla  and the garlic vine!

IMG_0574 IMG_0569

Nature has time and again taught me this lesson in gardening, Go with its seasons, and never go against its flow. So , here I am , eager to have the rains back but a happy camper with what Nature has to offer!IMG_0567