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Natural Farming in Japan

Today, I happily stumbled a wonderful farming site that speaks to me like I was reading a personal journal rather than just about tilling the soil and harvesting veggies.More like an affirmation why I am doing what I am doing. Silly , but it’s true.The japanese blog is written also in English and it will be good for you to check it out too.. I am amazed at the dexterity of Sacchan’s writing as she pours out her insights about her scintillating past ( born and educated in tokyo, stayed for 5 years in Melbourne, and again six years in London , and back to her country to farm ),a gem of a blog indeed.I was instantly mesmerized by Sacchan’s tales of her childhood and her magnanimous philosophy in life and in farming , that it’s best to be on the giving end always.Always being ready to share with neighboring farmers: may it be harvest or fences or knowledge .

The author Sacchan planting rice and getting fascinated with mud.

As I consider this little parcel of land that I have, I think about the many aspirations I wish I had the time now to do.Like putting up a camp site, an ornamental nursery and a thriving sustainable farm able to supply not only to my needs but to a larger community.
I know it’s just a matter of time.
Last week, in the long weekend that everybody enjoyed. I saw the beauty of kindred spirit just enjoying the simplicity of what the farm has to offer.And I get so inspired looking at the pictures.

The Pacific kick- off ride had a pose in front of the Kirilaw Mountains.

The bikes "pastured " in the grassland.