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A good year that was


While my daughter Bella helps me with the mulching , I go about transplanting the okra.

I decided to chronicle my accomplishments as a novice farmer of 2015 not to boast but to boost my morale into moving forward. My love affair with the soil came in so slowly..but when it finally warmed up..Oh boy.. it’s unstoppable within me. Like a good read it keeps me in suspense. And like some comfort food , keeps me wanting to always go back to it to balance my rhythm. January was when the time I made a pact with myself to start sowing seeds and start baby steps in living sustainably.I ate everything along the way to help me in my quest for a natural brand of farming. I was led to attend 3 major seminars that shaped the way I farm now. Natural Building , Intensive Beekeeping and Natural Farming. All of which only made my thirst for knowledge become severe that I decided to make my own backyard my lab to experiment with plants , seed saving and soil-buiding.I made quite a lot of progress and quite a couple of mistakes too that enriched my experience even more..


Frehly harvested ginger. I sowed them eight months ago.


Native pigs are my newest addition to my farm. They eat taro leaves and banana trunks that thrive in the farm.


Every week , I formed this habit to sow seeds. This actually paid off..for this allows a steady supply of harvest every season .Plus,you get to hone your green thumbs.


I grow these kind of chillies called panigang( finger peppers) and the siling labuyo; combination of which become naturally processed hot sauce.


When I have ample supply , my husband and I process and bottle to sell.


A sampling of a variety of harvest on a weekly basis.



Weekend farmer No more


It’s been almost a year since I promised myself I would take farming seriously. The commitment wasn’t easy to make since I have a day job. But the bug has caught me and I simply dove into it. Just an overview of the year that is almost over:

  1. I became a natural farmer. This might be the most valuable training I did as a farmer wanna-be.I resolved to know how to make my own fertilizers, the natural way . I will not have it any other way. Farming by nature , is by far the most efficient and inexpensive method I know. Under the tutelage of Andry Lim  for 3 days, I immersed myself into the world where paramount is respect for how nature operates.

2. I did an edible backyard garden. This is what I call , my lab. Where I process all my experimentations for vegetable growing – both direct in soil and in various containers. I propose for every passionate soul to make your backyard your playing field, to test all varieties, what works in your area  and doesn’t. No expert can beat you if you make your hands dirty and create your unique brand of gardening.

Bottle Gourds hanging in my outdoor service kitchen.

Bottle Gourds hanging in my outdoor service kitchen.

3. I decided I will complement the farming with beekeeping. This is real daunting for me. But I heard bees help pollinate all my veggies and fruit trees so why not give it a try. I have been inspired of the seminar given by UPLB on Beekeeping , and so I put my qualms aside and went on to strat with few colonies of the stingless bees. IMG_0694

4.I had no luck with chickens yet so I told myself, why not native pigs, that way I will have steady supply of manure for compost and I can raise my own meat. It wasn’t long before the two pigs I have became 7 in a matter of five months. IMG_0422

The experiences of the past 9 months prompted me to realize that being a farmer needs only small baby steps towards becoming a skillful one. Before long, even nature will smile at the efforts of one’s hands .

Nowadays, you can call me a regular everyday farmer.

A very good video to make us all think about our own lives…

Why I want you to start your own garden


Gardens can come in a variety of sizes. Here gardener, used a container.

Everything about gardening seems initially a daunting task. First , we fall in love with the fairest garden  we visit, and somehow, the idea of just creating your very own sneaks into your conscious thoughts.And here is where people almost always differ . Some would marvel at the inspired moment and then shrug their shoulders, ” Oh , it’s too much work for me.I don’t have the luxury of time right now.”Others become completely convinced and make a vow, ” I don’t have it in me, I just don’t have the green thumb.”

Gardening is just like a journey to self discovery. The more you open yourself to knowing, the more surprised you become at the transformations taking place.Such is the case with my love affair with plants. The more i try to pursue it, asking landscapers and sellers of plants questions like, Is this plant appropriate for sunny or shady?, Can you teach me how to propagate this? What’s a good start-up  collection here? -the more I discover people are just too willing to help and share their own joy of gardening.I love to visit someone’s garden and ask some cuttings. I also visit horticultural shows and agri shows, buying one or two interesting ornamental cactus or fruit bearing. It’s also an opportunity to learn from them how to grow and take care of  your selections.

And as I discover, with matters of the soil, nobody dares judge you if you do or don’t do it right. This is your own love affair. This is your own garden.

Creating a mini bamboo greenhouse, part 2

It’s been an erratic two weeks of rain and shine. But nonetheless,work proceeded as planned.I hired two farmworkers to gather the bamboo and I bought the needed plastic and nylon, then came up with a sketch very similar to this picture below.I am planning to put several rows of raised beds, meant for cucumber,bellpepper, and lettuce.Next week’s sked is tillage and seedlings! Happy farming!

After the completion of the bamboo posts and its members, came the fun part..the laying out of the UV coated plastic for the roof and nylon net for the sides,making sure we establish some form of drainage on the sides.

It's important to have at least a couple of rows for your vegetable beds and for me, i wanted to have an elevated seedling nursery as well .

Creating a Mini Bamboo Greenhouse

With the advent of rains this June,I could not even begin growing my lettuce , or any high value veggies for that matter.So I started devising a cheap greenhouse to house my lettuce and seedling trays for my tomatoes and cucumber.I tasked my reliable caretaker to gather for me the bamboos i need which abound in the vicinity ,and practically costs nada.

I started toying with the area of 7meters x 10m for i don’t want it to be so big. Good thing i learned something from the e-learning by ATI that has an online course on greenhouse 101.I went to Juan Luna st. in Divi to get my UV protected plastic roof and my nylon screen.At least that saved some bucks as I don’t wanna shell out so much. This was how i left it last week, I  hope they’re almost done when i visit this week.Can’t wait to set up the beds already..

The bamboo greenhouse in the early stage of construction

It’s a good day to start a blog on farming!

I chose Golden bamboo as a scenic hedging

It’s a Monday.And what can be a better day to start a blog rolling than today? It’s all the more exciting because I am starting to create a greenhouse for my sustainable farm in Alfonso. I have set out to own a piece of land just beyond Tagaytay 5 years ago. I did not quite know what to make of it, except that I wanted in my heart to be with nature every once in a while when I can manage to get away.I am an interior designer by profession, So what am I doing with my hat and my shovel ,tinkering with Mother Earth?I’m telling escapes me but the high is unexplainable

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