Hello. This is a simple blog about a designer’s desire to go into a sustainable farming and rediscovers that a new door of pure personal satisfaction is awaiting her.This is her journal of how she embarks on the many facets of farming and family life and finding balance in both.

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  1. HI, my name is Sequi Cu Unjieng. I stumbled upon your website while googling around for landscapers to contact for a small 800sqm potager garden I would like to establish in Tagaytay. Your place looks wonderful! I was wondering if you could help me by maybe pointing me towards some landscapers you may know or have used at your place? I would appreciate hearing back from you.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Sequi. Thank you for the appreciation. It is just my own evolving interest on farming and my background as an interior designer that perhaps allowed me to express it thru farmscaping. I can recommend one of my friends who are professionally doing it. One good friend is Marvin Ani , his number is 09052229735. You may contact him for some arrangements that would be workable for both of you.

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