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Why I want you to start your own garden


Gardens can come in a variety of sizes. Here gardener, used a container.

Everything about gardening seems initially a daunting task. First , we fall in love with the fairest garden  we visit, and somehow, the idea of just creating your very own sneaks into your conscious thoughts.And here is where people almost always differ . Some would marvel at the inspired moment and then shrug their shoulders, ” Oh , it’s too much work for me.I don’t have the luxury of time right now.”Others become completely convinced and make a vow, ” I don’t have it in me, I just don’t have the green thumb.”

Gardening is just like a journey to self discovery. The more you open yourself to knowing, the more surprised you become at the transformations taking place.Such is the case with my love affair with plants. The more i try to pursue it, asking landscapers and sellers of plants questions like, Is this plant appropriate for sunny or shady?, Can you teach me how to propagate this? What’s a good start-up  collection here? -the more I discover people are just too willing to help and share their own joy of gardening.I love to visit someone’s garden and ask some cuttings. I also visit horticultural shows and agri shows, buying one or two interesting ornamental cactus or fruit bearing. It’s also an opportunity to learn from them how to grow and take care of  your selections.

And as I discover, with matters of the soil, nobody dares judge you if you do or don’t do it right. This is your own love affair. This is your own garden.

Of sun kissed farm and my quest for happiness

Cassava plant
Cassava plant (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

Exactly 17 years ago, I dreamt of having a farm in Tagaytay , Cavite.One that was overlooking the sunken volcano.It was a crazy daydreaming that I and a friend would literally pull over in the side of the highway just to see the spot where the most amazing view of a house and the volcano beckon.I believe back then when I was broke that perhaps , someday, I will have the pleasure of enjoying the reality of this dream.

Fast forward to this present time and I still can not believe my eyes every time I go to this precious farm where the mountains greet me in such splendor.My eyes still turn misty and my heart never fails to skip a bit when I realize the graciousness of God.

Last Thursday, I went with my little daughter to personally harvest some cassava(kamoteng kahoy) and what other vegetables we can fill our baskets with.Thankfully, the bell peppers are still in fruition and the cassava are starting to mature.

For those who have stumbled just now in my blog. I am a weekend farmer. One who just enjoyed the learnings given me by kindhearted people who are willing to share their natural brand of farming and to which i lovingly applied to this hilly land.I consider myself to be an advocate of organic farming , but one that is more endemic to the land.So I have come to grow all things local like, tomatoes, saluyot, alugbati ,amaranth , oregano, eggplant, cassava, ginger, and now some peppers.

I also ventured into propagating ornamental plants . The idea of having cut flowers inside my house just by going out in my little garden gives me a thrill. Much like the thrill of seeing Barefoot Contessa on TV, getting her fresh ingredients and flowers right at her backyard. The passion did not come naturally . I once attend

Congo variety plant I bought in one of the horticultural shows in Qc Circle.THis has proved to be a very resilient beautiful plant for indoors.

ed a course on Tisssue Culture under the great Alice Acoba of Bureau of Plant Industry, and she then introduced me to the wonders of propagating rare ornamental plants . I was so enamored with the field trip to the house of Agnes full of anthuriums and other expensive plants which she then distribute to Manila Pen. Oh, that really started me.

And looking back , it might seem so daunting to even start. I am glad i took that leap of faith. Dear readers, whatever background you came from, you have what it takes.

Ps. If you are indeed interested to get started, want to take that step and commit to learning more? there are a lot of available help thats free. You may check out the Agrilink 2012 this coming Oct 4-6.There are a lot of free seminars there. You have a chance to see the players in the industry and get to meet like-minded people who can encourage you to move forward in reaching your goal.

Here’s to your daydreaming and quest for happiness!