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Growing Vegetable in a Bottle

Doing my early Sunday round of stalls in the open market of AANI is not unlike biting into my favorite kakanin like my traditional goto and bibingka way back in my Bulacan days. It’s like a weekly ritual that if I skip it,expect a mild tantrum showing at mid afternoon. This is where I buy my fresh fish, seafoods ,rare veggies and ¬†fruits for the week. And more than that, I relish weaving thru its nooks and crannies that reward me with rare finds like Japanese potteries at affordable prices, overrun clothes that are not so pricy at all but can pass off for casual trips to the malls.

Last Sunday was extra special.In my usual jaunt, I noticed this array of healthy-looking bitter gourds and cucumbers hanging in guess what?Coke 1.5 l.  bottles .I was pleasantly surprised to see the gentleman doing the watering and preparing .It turned out this man is Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan.

Dr. Eduardo Punungbatan attending to his customers in his stall.

Cucumber and Upland Kangkong thriving in his EPP( Enhanced Potting Preparation)

His brand of organic farming defies any argument that you need a piece of land to be able to grow your own food.I like this guy.I ended up buying.It’s no big deal, it’s less than 100 pesos but I got a free lecture and demonstration of his farming.


Natural Farming in Japan

Today, I happily stumbled a wonderful farming site that speaks to me like I was reading a personal journal rather than just about tilling the soil and harvesting veggies.More like an affirmation why I am doing what I am doing. Silly , but it’s true.The japanese blog is written also in English and it will be good for you to check it out too.. I am amazed at the dexterity of Sacchan’s writing as she pours out her insights about her scintillating past ( born and educated in tokyo, stayed for 5 years in Melbourne, and again six years in London , and back to her country to farm ),a gem of a blog indeed.I was instantly mesmerized by Sacchan’s tales of her childhood and her magnanimous philosophy in life and in farming , that it’s best to be on the giving end always.Always being ready to share with neighboring farmers: may it be harvest or fences or knowledge .

The author Sacchan planting rice and getting fascinated with mud.

As I consider this little parcel of land that I have, I think about the many aspirations I wish I had the time now to do.Like putting up a camp site, an ornamental nursery and a thriving sustainable farm able to supply not only to my needs but to a larger community.
I know it’s just a matter of time.
Last week, in the long weekend that everybody enjoyed. I saw the beauty of kindred spirit just enjoying the simplicity of what the farm has to offer.And I get so inspired looking at the pictures.

The Pacific kick- off ride had a pose in front of the Kirilaw Mountains.

The bikes "pastured " in the grassland.