Creating a mini bamboo greenhouse, part 2

It’s been an erratic two weeks of rain and shine. But nonetheless,work proceeded as planned.I hired two farmworkers to gather the bamboo and I bought the needed plastic and nylon, then came up with a sketch very similar to this picture below.I am planning to put several rows of raised beds, meant for cucumber,bellpepper, and lettuce.Next week’s sked is tillage and seedlings! Happy farming!

After the completion of the bamboo posts and its members, came the fun part..the laying out of the UV coated plastic for the roof and nylon net for the sides,making sure we establish some form of drainage on the sides.

It's important to have at least a couple of rows for your vegetable beds and for me, i wanted to have an elevated seedling nursery as well .


One response to “Creating a mini bamboo greenhouse, part 2

  1. Joeferdie Garcia

    Dear M’ Pinky,

    I really do appreciate what you have done about your farm and posting it on the net. This inspire to start my little adventure, Farming.

    What I want to do since as you said rain and sun is very erratic is to make a greenhouse. I have plenty bamboos in the farm to use. My problem is the UV coated plastic for roofing? Where can I get them since I couldn’t find it on ebay or What specifications should I say when buying?

    My farm is in Lubilan,,Naawan ,Misamis Oriental. I have a hilly 6 hectare waiting for my hands on and a very good source spring water supply which can irrigate my crops by gravitation.

    Please do reply.

    I will be regularly following you. So please keep on posting.

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