An earthworm sanctuary in Eco park

My search for the most effective and cheapest way to bring back nutrition to my otherwise acidic soil has brought me to Ecology Park, where the couple Mr. and Mrs Castro of Earthworm Sanctuary conducts regular seminars on vermiculture -production of fertilizers from the castings of earthworms.This special couple doesn’t know it but they have taught me the most valuable lesson in natural farming.These African nightcrawlers ( the only species good for vermiculture)feed on agricultural wastes, dead leaves , animal manure, coffee grounds and anything organic. Just pile the shredded bits  in a box made of hollowblocks and line it up with tarpauline or sack as bedding.Put a net on top such that it secures the box(ideally for me  8′ x 5′). In 30 to 40 days, I have my own organic fertilizer proudly enriched with live micro organisms.I even tested its ph and to my satisfaction , it has yielded a 6 ph which means it’s fertile!

the vermiculture station in Eco park by the earthworm sanctuary


5 responses to “An earthworm sanctuary in Eco park

  1. Mare, ang galing mo talaga, hanga ako! Glad your journey of being a farmer and earth lover is enriching your soul.

  2. Thank you Ammi. It’s a new territory ,and I find myself such a newbie! But yes, it’s teaching a lot of things not just pertaining to the soil for the more I aspire to know more, the more i am humbled i know so little .My soul has a lot to learn ..

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  4. Wow! I would like to venture into vermiculture. Keep posting po.

  5. i’m happy i stumbled on this blogsite. you’re an inspiration to aspiring, struggling farmers like me. happy farming!

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