Creating a Mini Bamboo Greenhouse

With the advent of rains this June,I could not even begin growing my lettuce , or any high value veggies for that matter.So I started devising a cheap greenhouse to house my lettuce and seedling trays for my tomatoes and cucumber.I tasked my reliable caretaker to gather for me the bamboos i need which abound in the vicinity ,and practically costs nada.

I started toying with the area of 7meters x 10m for i don’t want it to be so big. Good thing i learned something from the e-learning by ATI that has an online course on greenhouse 101.I went to Juan Luna st. in Divi to get my UV protected plastic roof and my nylon screen.At least that saved some bucks as I don’t wanna shell out so much. This was how i left it last week, I  hope they’re almost done when i visit this week.Can’t wait to set up the beds already..

The bamboo greenhouse in the early stage of construction


2 responses to “Creating a Mini Bamboo Greenhouse

  1. Irma De Jesus

    Very nice farm indeed. I too am into gardening nowadays because we have a good lot size in the backyard. It was just clay 3 yrs ago., it was a lot of hardwork and money spent to landscape the property, but now we have apple & cherry trees (w/fruits!), some very young berries (honeyberry, raspberry, blueberry) scattered around the property. My vision for the land is to make it an urban garden where I will grow not only ornamental plants but edible plants as well. Gardening also makes me enjoy summer more, and it is a therapy for me being a busy mother. I even enjoy the unavoidable task of weeding. I suppose you are growing these veggies to supply your restaurant in Manila, which is a very smart and environment-friendly idea. I am just wondering if you are able to maximize the earth-friendliness of the farm by composting food/veggie scraps and other organic matter in the farm. This is a project I would like to start on next year. Of course I’ll take the easy route by buying a composter and worms from a good source and start right away!! I have no idea now if Philippine farmers could see the benefit of composting to improve the soil and reduce wastes. Since I read your post about using worms to improve soil quality, I just thought if you’ve also considered vermicomposting as well. With 12 months of good weather in the country, the worms will probably have a good time!!! I hope to read more about your farm in the future!!! Now it makes me want to blog about my adventure as an urban gardener! More success to you!!!

    • Hi Irma. Indeed you are on the right track!We are kindred spirit because anybody who’s into farming feels so close to those who cultivate the soil. You are right about that when you asked about the farm producing for the resto and for my family as well. My heart is really into it much that sometimes i catch myself preoccupied more with it than my actual course which is interior design. Hahaha. A lot is in store for us to discover! Am happy for us and those who tread this path!

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