Monthly Archives: July 2011

Creating a Mini Bamboo Greenhouse

With the advent of rains this June,I could not even begin growing my lettuce , or any high value veggies for that matter.So I started devising a cheap greenhouse to house my lettuce and seedling trays for my tomatoes and cucumber.I tasked my reliable caretaker to gather for me the bamboos i need which abound in the vicinity ,and practically costs nada.

I started toying with the area of 7meters x 10m for i don’t want it to be so big. Good thing i learned something from the e-learning by ATI that has an online course on greenhouse 101.I went to Juan Luna st. in Divi to get my UV protected plastic roof and my nylon screen.At least that saved some bucks as I don’t wanna shell out so much. This was how i left it last week, I  hope they’re almost done when i visit this week.Can’t wait to set up the beds already..

The bamboo greenhouse in the early stage of construction

It’s a good day to start a blog on farming!

I chose Golden bamboo as a scenic hedging

It’s a Monday.And what can be a better day to start a blog rolling than today? It’s all the more exciting because I am starting to create a greenhouse for my sustainable farm in Alfonso. I have set out to own a piece of land just beyond Tagaytay 5 years ago. I did not quite know what to make of it, except that I wanted in my heart to be with nature every once in a while when I can manage to get away.I am an interior designer by profession, So what am I doing with my hat and my shovel ,tinkering with Mother Earth?I’m telling escapes me but the high is unexplainable

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